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The portable light source for diverse spectra


Optimum light quality in crucial spectra

Built with quality and performance in mind, the SUPERLITE S 04 is a remarkably efficient imaging instrument that covers all the spectra that matter in forensics. Imaging tools work best in dark rooms, but this powerful UV light illuminates traces even in places that are not as dark as they should be. Almost no white light in the UV spectrum further increases the contrast. It helps you detect traces without using powder or other means that can compromise DNA left at the scene.

Quiet, portable and suitable for almost any application

The SUPERLITE S 04 consumes very little power so it may be battery operated. It is also remarkably light and portable. You can connect many different light guides, including very slim, flexible attachments that enable you to inspect poorly accessible areas. We offer a wide range of accessories for applications in forensics such as fingerprint identification. If you wish to learn more, we will be happy to tell you all about the many other options.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extraordinarily high UV output
  • High energy efficiency for battery operation
  • Lights up trace evidence without compromising DNA
  • High contrast provided by a small amount of white light
  • Many optional accessories for utmost versatility 
  • Portable
  • Light guides protect users against radiation
  • Patented safety switch prevents inadvertent manual switching
  • Quiet fan
  • Slim, flexible light guide
  • Accepts various types of light guides