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  • The spectral magnifier with lateral connectors for diffuser and line-illuminator is used to examine smaller areas up to Ø104 mm.
  • The diffuser and line-illuminator (included) each have a connector for a liquid light guide with a Lumatec F fitting (Ø3 mm or Ø5 mm). Thus, stiff light close to the ground or diffuse incident light can be generated during examination, depending on the light source used and its setting, also in different wavelengths, e.g. to observe fluorescence.
  • The lens with a diameter of Ø73 mm delivers a distortion-free image.
  • A camera lens or filter with a diameter of up to Ø77 mm can be placed directly on the magnifying glass from above, thus enabling fast, effective documentation of the traces directly at the crime scene or in the laboratory.