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Detecting more flaws with better light 


Perfect contrasts for all industrial endoscopic applications

Compact, quiet, very powerful and engineered to achieve excellent results, the SUPERLITE I 04 is your first choice for FPI (fluorescent penetrant inspection). This instrument's high-quality filters provide pure UV light without any white so even the smallest inclusions and flaws are clearly visible. Switching from white light to UV and back is very easy using the front-panel button or footswitch. We built an automatic anti-glare function into the device to spare you any discomfort from the white light's glare.

The go-to solution for the aerospace and energy industries

Over the decades, we have amassed a legacy of engineering excellence with our standards-setting light sources for industrial endoscopic applications. Aircraft and turbines are expensive, of course, but the safety of the crew and passengers is an even greater concern. Painstaking inspections and non-destructive testing procedures are necessary to ensure these machines operate reliably. Engineers tasked to maximize quality and safety simply cannot do without powerful UV and white light sources such as ours. And if you are looking for special connection options for light guides, please don't hesitate to talk to us about your requirements.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Compact design
  • Highest UV light performance in its class
  • Pure UV light without any white
  • Conveniently footswitchable (white light/UV, on/off)
  • Fast changeover between spectra
  • Glare-free transition from UV to white light
  • Twice the longevity of conventional lamps
  • Suitable for Olympus and LUMATEC-D sockets; other ports are possible
  • Button on the light guide optionally available for manual switching