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With the new Multihead of the M 05 series, up to six different LEDs can be integrated into one head. By simply turning the housing, the excitation wavelength (including 365nm, 390nm, 405nm, 445nm, 530nm, 620nm and white light) can be changed, thus enabling a quick and comprehensive evidence detection at the crime scene! The simplified handling compared to the use of several single wavelenght heads, the significantly lower weight and the new housing design, which prevents rolling on flat surfaces, are the most important further developments within the successful M 05 series.

Features and advantages of the new M 05 Multihead:

  • 4 to 6 different LEDs of different wavelengths are integrated in one head (change between the wavelengths by simply rotating the housing).
  • Compared to several single wavelength heads, one multihead is significantly lighter (one single head approx. 200g, multi-head approx. 300g). In addition, the handling is simplified, especially in the dark!
  • Hexagonal anti-rolling design prevents drops and enables the creation of grazing light close to the ground.
  • In combination with the new battery pack II, twist-proof connection that prevents damage due to incorrect operation.
  • New design of the ventilation slots, not hindering the air flow when used with the M 05 belt bag.
  • The new mulihead can also be combined with the old battery packs as well!


Note: Compared to the new M05 multiheads, the single wavelength heads have a slightly higher light output and an adjustable light cone.

NEW M 05 battery Pack II allows mains-operated continuous use

The battery pack II is now also suitable for continuous operation with the help of a mains connection socket and works with all M 05 heads. A charging adapter is no longer needed and the charging status can be checked via the LED. The 1/4“ threaded hole for mounting on the tripod is integrated into the housing. A guide with a pin enables a twist-proof connection to the new LED mulitheads, which effectively prevents damage due to incorrect handling. The new housing design prevents rolling on flat surfaces.


  • Superlite M 05 / Multihead x6 / 365nm, 390nm, 405nm, 445nm, 530nm, 400-700nm
  • Superlite M 05 / Multihead x5 / 365nm, 390nm, 405nm, 445nm, 400-700nm
  • Superlite M 05 / Multihead x4 / 365nm, 405nm, 445nm, 620nm
  • Superlite M 05 Battery pack II 2350.0061 Superlite M 05 / Charger for Battery pack II (Mains + Car)
  • Case for Superlite M 05 Sets for 3 LED heads