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An exercise in convenience: Manual LED Light Curing


Powerful and innovative

With the SUPERLITE I 01 in hand, you can focus UV light precisely on the spot where the adhesive is to be cured. It is roughly the size of a soldering iron, but much easier and safer to use. One button is all it takes to operate this handy new UV light source. Simply release it to switch the SUPERLITE I 01 off. Vapor residue and adhesives are easily wiped off the light guide's tip so nothing sticks if the tool happens to get too close to the adhesive.

A robust, affordable solution for manual curing

The SUPERLITE I 01 requires no maintenance and is remarkably affordable. We offer a choice of two spectra for the standard version: 370 nm and 405 nm. Custom versions with other spectra are available on demand. Please contact us if you have special requirements.

Your benefits at a glance

  • An inexpensive light source for curing adhesives manually 
  • Very high performance from a very small device
  • Up to 2 W optical output 
  • Easy to use, impossible to misuse 
  • Available with 370 nm and 405 nm
  • Other spectra available on demand 
  • Maintenance-free and robust
  • Light guide coated with an anti-adhesive so residue will not stick 
  • The go-to professional light source for curing model glue