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Powerful UV light source for UVC, UVB and UVA regions


UV light for all industrial adhesives

Our tried-and-true light sources, the SUPERLITE I 05 and I 05 UVC meet conventional demands for all light-curing adhesives. On top of that, they provide controlled UV light options that can range down to short-wave spectra below 320 nm. Some adhesive curing methods cannot do without this type of high-energy UV light with a short wavelength, and all applications benefit from a reliable and constant source of UV light. 

Fast, accurate exposure

A light source that is able to deliver high-power UV light in combination with fast exposure times can help accelerate manufacturing processes. Our SUPERLITE I 05 light sources illuminate at exposure times of up to 0.2 seconds. The system's light output is constantly regulated and its shutter speeds are monitored to ensure high process stability. 

High performance at an attractive entry-level price

When you opt for the SUPERLITE I 05 or the I 05 UVC, you will enjoy the benefits of the most powerful and versatile point light source in its class. These instruments' relatively low prices make them interesting prospects even for low-quantity manufacturing runs.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Deep UV spectrum, on demand down to the UVC range 
  • Amount of UV in the light is measured
  • Power tracking to ensure constant light output 
  • Fast exposure times (up to 0.2 seconds)
  • Regulated light output (closed loop feedback)
  • Constant aperture surveillance (shutter monitoring)
  • Low entry-level price well suited for small-series production
  • Suitable for all light-curing adhesives (universal light source)
  • The SUPERLITE I 05 and I 05 UVC are the most powerful devices in their class

Added benefits of UVC

  • Spectrum with UVC wavelengths
  • Non-sticky surface facilitates curing