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The high-powered LED light source for industrial applications   


Reliable performance, long life 

A speedy production pace and reliable performance are key competitive advantages when it comes to curing adhesives with light in industrial applications. In other words, fast and reliable processes boost productivity. Our high-powered SUPERLITE I 07 is the first LED light source of its kind to deliver the performance of large gas discharge lamps – and with tenfold the lamp life to boot. 

High speed, high-quality light

The SUPERLITE I 07 is the light source of choice when speed and reliability are essential. It meets two very important demands for cost-effective multi-pole light guides. For one, it does without a mechanical shutter to achieve exposure times in the millisecond range. For the other, it emits regulated, remarkably uniform light at very high intensity levels.

Wide range of applications

With performance as powerful and a beam as narrow as this, the SUPERLITE I 07 may also be used at greater distances from the adhesive surface. Its power and reach give you a lot more leeway in configuring your manufacturing processes in the plant. A modular LED light source, the SUPERLITE I 07 can be modified for other spectra without a great deal of development effort. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are unsure about which LED light source fits your needs best.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reliable and precise with a regulated useful beam to deliver premium-quality light
  • Very uniform light especially well suited for multi-pole light guides
  • Long LED life
  • Most powerful device on the market
  • Fast exposure without a mechanical shutter suitable for rapid curing processes
  • Narrow beam (60° angle) and high power density for use at greater distances
  • Affords you greater freedom in configuring processing stations in your plant
  • The cost benefits of a long life span, multi-pole light guides, and faster performance than comparable LED light sources