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Infrared Coagulator -

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Engineered to obliterate tissue with pinpoint precision 


A 30-year track record in contact coagulation with infrared light

Our infrared coagulators have several design-based benefits over other procedures such as cryocoagulation, thermal coagulation, electrocoagulation and sclerotherapy. For one, the infrared light that generates the heat can be manipulated with great accuracy. It penetrates as deep as 3 mm, and the intensity of its action is dictated solely by how long you apply the heat. You determine the exact duration simply by setting a timer. 

Anti–adhesive and ultra accurate

Unlike procedures involving electricity and chemicals, this type of heat treatment has no side effects. What's more, the only variable that determines the infrared coagulator's pinpoint-precise action is the light guide's diameter. You can connect various gauges of fused silica light guides, and their non-stick Teflon® polymer tips are easy to clean and may be disinfected with liquids.

Typical medical applications

Our infrared coagulators have proven their merits in applications in gynecology, ENT, dermatology and dentistry, and they are the tools of choice for treating first and second degree hemorrhoids. The penetration depth and intensity of these remarkably precise tools are easily controlled. Their action is limited to the area of application, and the light guide will not stick to the treated tissue. Feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to learn more about our infrared coagulators or are unsure if they meet your requirements.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Coagulation in just one to three seconds
  • Tissue will not stick to the instrument
  • Precisely adjustable depth of necrosis
  • Far simpler and more effective than injections (proctology)
  • Interchangeable light guides in various guages
  • Nonhazardous low voltage (15 V)
  • Zero risk of exploding bowel gases (proctology)
  • Does not interfere with cardiac pacemakers
  • May be used to treat pregnant women
  • No return electrode needed