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SUPERLITE M 05 Accessories

Wide-angle attachment for SUPERLITE M 05 LED zoom-heads

This adapter significantly increases the divergence of the light beam, in praxis triples the spot diameter generated by the lamp! The illuminated area is increased by almost 10 times! The attachment is simply plugged onto the zoom lens. A "must have" when working in narrow conditions or when entire rooms or walls need to be illuminated. Tip: For maximum intensity, use power level 3 on your SUPERLITE M 05! Note: The wide-angle attachment can not be used with the red LED lens head (620nm) and not with heads for light guides!

Lumatec lamp tripod

Equipped with a fixed, extremely stable ball head and 1/4" threaded screw, this tripod is used to position your M 05 at a height of up to 280cm. The crime scene can thus be illuminated "from above". Also ideal in combination with the new M 05 wide-angle attachment. The tripod is extremely stable and has an air suspension to protect the lamp against shocks. It comes in a tailor-made transport bag, the pack size is 100cm.

Tripod adapter

This adapter is used to attach the SUPERLITE M 05 to any tripod or ball head with a 1/4" threaded screw.

M 05 cases

For your extensive M 05 equipment, we offer IP 67 dustproof and waterproof cases, depending on the size, with 3, 5 and 8 recesses for LED heads and other accessories. Optionally available with compartment for light guides in the lid.

M 05 belt pouch/loop

For convenient carrying of a single M 05 on your belt, use our special belt pouch/loop. This is particularly suitable for LED heads with a light guide socket.

Filter and goggles

  • To determine the most appropriate filter, use the Lorgnette with five long-scale filters, graded from yellow to red.
  • To enhance the contrast of the fluorescence responses, we recommend the Filter goggles set: yellow (500mm), orange (570nm) and dark red (624nm), UV protective goggles when working with UV light.
  • The Camera filter set: dark yellow, medium yellow, orange, red and light red, each Ø77mm, is used to enhance contrast when working with photo or video cameras.